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Simply put,
effective hair remover

Only takes 3 seconds with nature formula to bring out the woman in you. Made from Bee Wax essence and Jojoba seed oil, the Avashine wax strip is gentle to the skin, while being easy and mess free to use.

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Over 12 Million Sold!

“I'm used to waxing myself at home, these worked really well. I'll be purchasing them again! ”

- Thamiris Rodrigues Verified Buyer

“I have been using more than 6 months . Very easy to use and effective. Would recommend it !!!”

- Bigyan Khanal Verified Buyer

“Really great strips! They're very easy to use, and remove hair effortlessly. Not to mention the price is great for the amount of strips you get.”

- Elizabeth Stewart Verified Buyer

“I really like this product. It does work nicely on my skin. Also I did not find any difficulty while using this product. Will sure recommend this product ”

- Rekha singh Verified Buyer

“This product is amazing, very easy to use and very powerful. 100% recommended😉.”

- Daniela Coronado Verified Buyer

“Make sure to ice after every use to not have inflammation, but wow this product is honestly just as good as real waxing. ”

- Saphir Verified Buyer

Especially formulated for
dry and sensitive skin

Intensive Nutrition has a beneficial influence on the cell structures and metabolism, altered by passing of time.

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Perfect For



You may cut it into small pieces and place on your face to quickly remove unwanted peach fuzz for a flawless look.


Unwanted underarms hair will be a thing of past, ready to say goodbye.


The wax strip should be applied onto the leg hair in the direction of the hair growth, but removed in the opposite direction.

Cream for hair removal!

Available for limited time only. Grab one while you still can!



THE LONGER THE BETTER – The longer the hair, the better the result (The hair should be at least 2-3mm long to ensure a good adhesion on the wax)


THE FASTER THE BETTER – The faster you remove the wax strips, the better the hair removal result will be


APPLY FORWARD, REMOVE BACKWARD – The wax strip should be applied onto the hair in the direction of the hair growth, but removed in the opposite direction

before Before
after After

Listen to your inner desire

We go through shaving waxing, scrubbing and exfoliating to get that smooth, silky skin we desire. Waxing needs pre-planning, but the results can be worth all the efforts.

Post-waxing care

The most effective post-wax care routine is to keep your skin clean and dry for at least 48 hours. Also, avoid anything that can irritate your skin. Strictly avoid things like exfoliating, sunlight, saunas, synthetic clothes, and steamy baths.